Ugly Christmas Outfit Contest

What a spectacular show!


Our first “Ugly Christmas Outfit Contest” unfolded as a joyful convergence of charity, celebration, joy and fun. Prizes for the best outfits brought an extra layer of festive flair.

What made the event even more special was its commitment to charitable contributions. Generous donations went towards 8 different CARITAS charity projects, including food programs, women empowerment plans and environmental projects.

The laughter-filled atmosphere echoed as participants confidently paraded down the runway in hilarious outfits to showcase their unique and stylish personalities. Three winners proved that their ugly Christmas outfit stood out above the rest: Theresa (4HLSP), Lisa (3HLSP) and Jason (3FSB). Prof. Rametsteiner emerged as the winner of the teacher’s competition. Congratulations to the winners and MERRY CHRISTMAS!